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I started the CLF as a joke on Ravelry, back in July of 2007. The joke was on me, we're a real group, that seeks to liberate ourselves from stereo types about our craft and ourselves. Other than being called "Fearless Leader", I'm a designer, mother, editor, wife, hand spinner, yarn addict, incessant reader, and over all geek in the coolest of geeky ways.

Beware Defamers of the Hook!

Beware Defamers of the Hook!
Like Joan of Arc, and the Scarlet Pimpernel we are here to seek Justice!

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Friday, December 12, 2008

If Fearless Leader Disappears for a while...

Ok, we got a doozy of a "Winter Storm" (we never get cool names like Typhoon, or Hurricane, but we get the storms) blowing in...and if the weather folks are correct we'll start getting snow in about two hours...If we get the "up to six inches" I'll be snuggled all cuddly in my bed, or couch, crocheting and drinking hot cocoa...

I cannot,and I repeat, cannot make it up my hill in the snow....sigh...So we'll see how things play out, and if I have to get on the dial up I will...but oooh I hope I don't have to!

So for now...Chins up, Hook Up!

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