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I started the CLF as a joke on Ravelry, back in July of 2007. The joke was on me, we're a real group, that seeks to liberate ourselves from stereo types about our craft and ourselves. Other than being called "Fearless Leader", I'm a designer, mother, editor, wife, hand spinner, yarn addict, incessant reader, and over all geek in the coolest of geeky ways.

Beware Defamers of the Hook!

Beware Defamers of the Hook!
Like Joan of Arc, and the Scarlet Pimpernel we are here to seek Justice!

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Crochet on The EDGE! The Hooknuck makes the rounds...

Bonnie Pierce wielding the Hooknuck made by Jimbo of http://www.jimbosfrontporch.blogspot.com/ of course free forming maven that she is, she had to do her infamous bullion stitch! Only Bonnie could get that hook to go there!

Jorel looking mighty tough. I wouldn't dis the crochet to her, would you?

Susan, who has our postcards, the t-shirt and the book, wielding the hooknuck high! WHOO HOO! She's into it!
There are pics of me floating around, and I took one of Jennifer Hansen of Stitch Diva fame, but I took it with her phone and not my camera, because I was in class. Well let me tell you about that...I have broomstick lace down, and I want you all to know, not only did I learn it! I made it my biotch! I'll do project pics later.
It is very late, my brain is tired, I'm physically wiped, and I have my 9 am class with Myra Wood tomorrow. Can't wait to see what happens in that class. This has been the most crochet friendly conference I've been to yet, knitters I've seen before but don't know well have been very open and curious about the hook, versus hostile or aloof as in years past. Who knows, may be they haven't changed, maybe I have...but I doubt it, I think we hookers are getting some respect at long last!
Speaking of hookers, WHERE WERE YOU for the CGOA meeting? There were tons of goodies and give aways, and I gave away two CLF t-shirts and a copy of the book...Snooze you lose! But the Laurell Hill guys were there, and they are very cool. Not only do I like the hooks, the fellas are down to earth, charming and a lot of fun!

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