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I started the CLF as a joke on Ravelry, back in July of 2007. The joke was on me, we're a real group, that seeks to liberate ourselves from stereo types about our craft and ourselves. Other than being called "Fearless Leader", I'm a designer, mother, editor, wife, hand spinner, yarn addict, incessant reader, and over all geek in the coolest of geeky ways.

Beware Defamers of the Hook!

Beware Defamers of the Hook!
Like Joan of Arc, and the Scarlet Pimpernel we are here to seek Justice!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I wore this on Saturday Night in Porltand...

Pirate Costume 1
Originally uploaded by CMHS yarn & designs (laurie wheeler)

So, now the world shall know me as Capn Hook! Yay!
I wore my pirate outfit to the banquet on Saturday night at the Knit and Crochet Show in Porltand...I tell ya, I got a few funny looks, but not from our fearless and creative crocheters.

It was WAY too warm in Portland to be wearing over ten pounds of chenille! I love this outfit though, my Irish Chemise has those great wide sleeves that can be used as pockets so I had my crochet etc tucked up inside!

The fashion show was ok, I think I have to say that our crochet designers had the edge on cool, and pretty...Though there were a few nice stick made creations.

I got to see Doris Chan's fabulous little black dress up close and personal, and all I can say is WOWEE! That's even better looking in person and I thought the photo in the magazine was phenomenal.

Drew Emborsky previewed garments that are in his men's wear book! Drew finally gave us the men's patterns we've all been asking for! An amazing Aran style sweater and a cabled vest were two of my favorite projects, heck I'd make them for myself!

I'll be writing more about Drew's book soon, since I got to fondle it up close and personal after the fashion show!

Speaking of after the show, we retired to the Doubletree's lounge after the show. I got to hang out with Vashti Braha, Doris Chan, Drew Emborsky, Marti Miller, Bonnie and Bill Piece (of free form fame) just to drop a few names! A fun time was had by all!

I have to say though, I doubt I'll go to another regional CGOA event again. I think I'll save my pennies for the Chain Link convention.

Stay tuned for more reports about the Portland experience...I'll get the pics on the computer and speak more of the great people I met at the show.

Also, I'm working on our next podcast...I'll be giving a reading out of our Crochet Liberation Front first ever book. Now available on Amazon.com.

Speaking of the book...sigh...the thumbnail of the cover just isn't right on either the e-store or the Create Space store front...We're working on resolving the issue....but I am uploading previews of the book onto Amazon.com so folks can see what kind of lovelies are in the book!

Happy Hooking Everyone...

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