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I started the CLF as a joke on Ravelry, back in July of 2007. The joke was on me, we're a real group, that seeks to liberate ourselves from stereo types about our craft and ourselves. Other than being called "Fearless Leader", I'm a designer, mother, editor, wife, hand spinner, yarn addict, incessant reader, and over all geek in the coolest of geeky ways.

Beware Defamers of the Hook!

Beware Defamers of the Hook!
Like Joan of Arc, and the Scarlet Pimpernel we are here to seek Justice!

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And now it's not...

LOL....now it's plunked back down the list...I think things bounce around a lot ;) LOL

#17 and rising!!!

Wow! I just checked where the Crochet Liberation Front First Ever Book stood on Amazon.com's list of Crochet Books! We come up #17 in the search! WOWOWOWOWOWOWEEE!

That's beyond cool guys! The more books we sell, the more we can do in the future...I'm hoping the Christmas season influences our "market" a little so that I have money in the bank when we finally get to the place for submissions with book #2 that I can pay for patterns...We're getting there!

Did you notice the ticker? The $880 is what I need to reimburse my grocery money for contributor copies of the book ;) After that we get to start the ticker towards 10,000 books! If we get to 10,000 copies I will write a gift check to each person who contributed!

Like I have said repeatedly I will not be satisfied if I am the only one who benefits, it must benefit as many as possible!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Call to Action!!!

Ok folks, it's been a while since I've run the bell, but it seems that we who hook have been ignored long enough...The minions are fomenting and frothing on the message board!

Interweave had promised us a Crochet Daily early on in the "K...Daily Newsletter", we have not seen it appear. It disturbs us greatly, here we have interest, in fact if they but threw us a bone I got 2300 PLUS (almost 2400 members now!) who would be potential customers if Interweave just caved in and threw us a bone!

If sales of Interweave Crochet are any indication (such as I can't GET a copy around my area because it is SOLD OUT) I do believe there is a market for such a newsletter. It's about priorities...

There is a new survey on KD take it and let them know we want a crochet daily. We don't want scraps, we don't need to be talked to like children, we've been patient...I've been rather good about leaving them alone on the topic, especially since I've been annoyed about the "we'll be nice and include Crochet in KD" tude they've always had....

I don't need inclusion, I want parity. I don't know what you want, but take the survey and let them know directly. I mean for the love of all that is fuzzy...if you DON'T MARKET TO US why should we buy/use/or WANT your product?

Placation is not the issue... we want results.



Ok...I'm dorky leader, I got the time wrong...The show starts at 6pm Pacifc/9Eastern...You guys can call in...Mary Beth is looking for massive CLF Participation...

Also I'm offering up a book as a prize for her drawing....COME ON IN and WIN A BOOK!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tune in to Getting Loopy!

Hey Monday Sept. 29, 2008 I will be on Getting Loopy with Mary Beth Temple...First I am honored to be invited to be a guest on her very cool show ;)

You can join in the action via chat! Ask questions, feel free...So tomorrow night at 9:30 eastern (that's 6:30 pacific) ! I'm really excited and looking forward to this interview! I have a huge amount of respect for Ms. Temple, and I have enjoyed listening to her shows...sadly I never get to listen to them live, because my internet options are limited on Monday nights...sigh...Remember the bad dial up situation...GRRRR...

So, tune in...what's going to happen in the interview? Oh heck, you never know, but I pinky swear to be my honest, irreverant, and silly self! Oh and I solemnly swear to shamelessly promote our book too!

How can you join in? Go to GETTING LOOPY

I'm sooooooooooooooooo ready to get LOOPY!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Crochet Wisdom for the Week...

Well folks...Looks like good ol' fearless leader will be away from her desk (or not) starting next thursday...Hubby has 3 weeks of vacation that are "use or lose" and so we're gonna take off to parts unknown...well we kind of have a general direction planned.

I have to say it's a little on the bad timing side for moi cause you know I have a ton of stuff to do with the CLF etc...But on the other hand I have demanded that there will be internet time every other day if only to check my email ;)

So, I won't be blogging (or maybe I will), I know I will be crocheting because I hate sitting still in the car with nothing to do! So I'll at least get some christmas presesnts made....Without further ado here's some crochet wisdom for the week...

Ok it's not wisdom, but here's the deal....Michael's...it's on my bad list...


The yarn supply is getting less and less, and the thread supply is even worse...COME ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!

All I want is some freakin' thread to make up poinsettia pins for a freakin' christmas bizarre! WHAT IS THE DEAL!!! Must I shop online?

I mean even my LYS didn't have thread, and they were like "Well everyone goes to Michael's for it..." and my response was, "BUT THEY DON'T HAVE ANY GOOD COLORS IN!!!"

I'm getting really annoyed, I had to go to five shops to get the right kind of thread for my pins...Let's not talk about the lace hooks...let's just not go there...

I guess it's gonna be more and more online shopping for me...and when I find that mecca of thread, I'm gonna hug 'em and kiss 'em and call 'em George...

Friday, September 26, 2008


Originally uploaded by sraedi

Ok folks...I just don't know what to award this hat...I mean yeah it's kitschy (in the most fabulous of ways)...but it's so PICOT FREEING...I mean this is like a slug thing from Futurama...This is a work of art...this is wearable performance art even! I LOVE THIS!

Thinking fast, while typing here...MUST...CREATE....NEW... AWARD!!!!

Ok...... Here it is...

The Fearless Leader Global Domination Award...That's what we'll call the new award cause man...this is just awesome :) (You wonderful at my sanity...cease wondering my friends...I'm just not that normal...if you hadn't guessed already)....

This splendi-wonderful chapeau was fashioned by one of our NEW members in the CLF sraedi. Check out her projects folks! FABULOUS stuff!

sreadi, you are duly awarded The Fearless Leader Global Domination Award for creating a hat that just says..."Take that humans!"

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sweet Hat!

Picture 3068
Originally uploaded by Crisssti

I don't know about you folks, but Fall has flung itself firmly down in my part of the world. We had our first of the autumn winds blowing my car around the road yesturday, and it was back to sweaters, scarves and hats. In fact it almost froze the other night! That's a wee bit early even for us!

So with cold weather on my mind (and in my bones) I give you this stunning hat made by CLF Member Cristi. It is a totally hookalcious offering, love the colors she chose and she has a lovely hand!

The pattern is available for free on the internet and is by designer: Rheatheylia. You can get the pattern from her website

So the Hookalcious award goes to Cristi for this very cool hat!
Congratulations Cristi!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Errata Page

Hi Folks...

As promised in the introduction of the book, there is now an errata page for the First Ever Book. I have to say, I did my darnedest to make sure it was error free, but let me tell you that is a near impossible task in and of itself.

Check out the Errata section on the CLF Website to make sure you have all the goodness that is. My first of several apologies (I'm sure it can't be the only error to come to light)....is to Barbara Hillery Van Elsen for somehow losing the last words of her fabulous Very Simple Yet Versatile Scarf pattern...I don't know how the end got left out, and I swear it was there when I went to upload it...but perhaps my eyes were too crossed...no matter the reason it was left out and I apologise. I will announce here on the blog and in the Ravelry Group when new information is added.


Monday, September 22, 2008

iGnome totally kitschalicious

Originally uploaded by eightlegs

Ok...CLF member eightlegs and I are kindred spirits...I love gnomes and all things gnomage...she made this cute little fella to hold an ipod and it's just too fun for words :)

Congratulations Eightlegs you are awarded the Kitschalicious Award for making one handsome gnome!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Exciting News...

Hello minions!

Today I have some fun news for you. First of all, Amazon.com has discounted the CLF First Ever Book to 27.99 with the option for 2day free shipping. Feel free to use their special discounts, I had nothing to do with this, other than our marketing has been so good that for a new book (from an unknown) to sell as well as it has out of the starting gate that they think we have something! WHOOT!

So, again please feel free to take advantage of Amazon's great deal, it's cheaper than our member price and I just can't afford to offer that good a price to you all!

For LYSes please contact me directly and I DO have a special deal for you to carry the book!! YAY...Even better than I thought I could do...so it's all win win...


I feel so honored! Mary Beth Temple is going to be interviewing me on Getting Loopy, Monday Sept. 29!!! CHECK IT OUT! Oooooh I feel so real :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wedding Afghan...wow...

Originally uploaded by wiscck1

Ok this is just AMAZING! CLF Member wiscck made this GORGEOUS Quilt Pattern Afghan for her friend's wedding...OMG That's astounding!!!

The pattern is:Casablanca Crochet Quilt by CL HALVORSON...


Ok wiscck you are One TOTALLY HOOKALCIOUS Person...I feel unworthy at your hooking prowress....


Website and more...

Well, in honor of the messed up thumbnail on the Amazon page and the Createspace page for our book... I've fixed our Website...

It's much better looking, and includes a reading from our First Ever Book, "My New Hooks" by Aimee Woolwine.

I've also, finally, got the Crochet Friendly List up online....I've taken down the interactive because it was misbehaving, and I'm not a genius coder like Casey from Ravelry, so I'm just gonna update our pages from time to time. I figure we're lucky I could do this much on the site with me building it...


I'll be doing more on the site as time goes by. Especially getting a page of sample readings...I'm trying to get a media player that doesn't automatically start playing as the page is loaded...grrrr...workin' on it :)

Beyond the website, the book is selling nicely...Thank you all for your support. This revenue helps for me to purchase the copies that go to the authors./designers. Remember the CLF started as a joke, I've been running to keep up ever since :)

Oooh btw on Sept. 28 I'm being interviewed by Mary Beth Temple on Getting Loopy :) That's exciting :)

And keep your eyes peeled in the Yarn Market News, because I was recently interviewed about the "Crochet Scene"...Ok, it's kind of cool when people start asking to interview you! LOL...who knew my little joke could go so far!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Le GRAND sigh...

Ok folks...The thumb nail of our bookcover looks really bad on Amazon/Createspace...That's something they did to dork it up...I'm currently having at them for it, cause it does NOT print that way...I have no idea why the layers went all boobly but they did...THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE at all...

The book prints out BEAUTIFULLY I must say, and well they are gunna have to give me a better answer than "You need to resubmit your cover art and wait 15 days, and order another proof"...I mean honestly, they should be able to use ANY jpeg... I've converted the pdf into a jpg on my little computer which isn't anything like they would have with ZERO issues...so ahem...Anyway...that said the PROPER small thumbnail of the book is now on our blog with a convienient link to the store....

OOOH I learned a new trick....

Ok, I know the official website needs some work, so I've ACTUALLY had some time to work on it a little...I figured out how to put my readings there...If you aren't into the podcast thing that's understandable, but you know even on the podcast you don't have to down load it, you can actually just hit play and listen to it online ;)

So, I'm going to make a page for the book with readings from some of the articles ;)


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Reading from the book...

Hello Minions and Great Hookalicious folk!

I thought I'd remind you that not only does our fabulous hooking compendium of yummy goodness have 36 totally Picot Freeing patterns...it has 13 useful, inspiring, touching articles as well...

Since people are so used to things being "all biznez" in crafting books today, I wanted to let you know I modeled the content a bit like the old Women's Day Magazines and Work Baskets (modern approach of course). I own a ton of the vintage tomes and one of the things I've loved about them most are the articles....

So, in honor of the great articles in the book I'm giving readings of those articles...the first reading is now available on our Podcast uploaded fresh today! You get to hear my incoherent ramblings about the PDX experience (btw did I mention I got to meet Regina of MONSTER CROCHET...OMG I am so not worthy!)... I end the podcast with a reading of CLF Minion Extraordinaire: Alia Smith's (crotcheteer on ravelry) article entitled: "The Five Mistakes"...

A humorous take on the five worst mistakes LYSes can make when serving/not serving crocheters...It made me laugh, I hope it makes you laugh too! CHECK IT OUT HERE!

Oh YEAH it's in the book!

One more reason to buy the book! Yavanna Coulter (Datenshi on Ravelry) designed this Totally HOOKALICIOUS tote for the book. Not only is it a very detailed pattern (taking the guess work out of things!) she charted the base and all of the special stitches!

You can now get the book on Amazon.com it qualifies for free supersaver shipping... but remember if you went to the Portland Show and picked up a post card use the Create Space E-store (like wise for CLF members) to get your special discount! It's a $5 savings!

I wore this on Saturday Night in Porltand...

Pirate Costume 1
Originally uploaded by CMHS yarn & designs (laurie wheeler)

So, now the world shall know me as Capn Hook! Yay!
I wore my pirate outfit to the banquet on Saturday night at the Knit and Crochet Show in Porltand...I tell ya, I got a few funny looks, but not from our fearless and creative crocheters.

It was WAY too warm in Portland to be wearing over ten pounds of chenille! I love this outfit though, my Irish Chemise has those great wide sleeves that can be used as pockets so I had my crochet etc tucked up inside!

The fashion show was ok, I think I have to say that our crochet designers had the edge on cool, and pretty...Though there were a few nice stick made creations.

I got to see Doris Chan's fabulous little black dress up close and personal, and all I can say is WOWEE! That's even better looking in person and I thought the photo in the magazine was phenomenal.

Drew Emborsky previewed garments that are in his men's wear book! Drew finally gave us the men's patterns we've all been asking for! An amazing Aran style sweater and a cabled vest were two of my favorite projects, heck I'd make them for myself!

I'll be writing more about Drew's book soon, since I got to fondle it up close and personal after the fashion show!

Speaking of after the show, we retired to the Doubletree's lounge after the show. I got to hang out with Vashti Braha, Doris Chan, Drew Emborsky, Marti Miller, Bonnie and Bill Piece (of free form fame) just to drop a few names! A fun time was had by all!

I have to say though, I doubt I'll go to another regional CGOA event again. I think I'll save my pennies for the Chain Link convention.

Stay tuned for more reports about the Portland experience...I'll get the pics on the computer and speak more of the great people I met at the show.

Also, I'm working on our next podcast...I'll be giving a reading out of our Crochet Liberation Front first ever book. Now available on Amazon.com.

Speaking of the book...sigh...the thumbnail of the cover just isn't right on either the e-store or the Create Space store front...We're working on resolving the issue....but I am uploading previews of the book onto Amazon.com so folks can see what kind of lovelies are in the book!

Happy Hooking Everyone...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Get your historic copy of the Crochet Liberation Front First Ever Book!

Drum roll please...


You can now purchase the book!! It's available on both our createspace.com e-store and on Amazon.com. If you want the special CLF Member discount join our group on Ravelry.com, we have a locked/stickied thread with your extraspecial discount code.

For LYS purchases and other book sellers I have a special wholesale code for you too (no minimum purchase either) please email me!! and I'll send you YOUR SPECIAL code.

So here are some of the pretties that are in the book...

Broomstick Lace Wrap by Tracie Barrett (aka Traciecrochets)

Sea Horsin' Around by Jennifer Reeve (Craftkitten)

Veritas, Equitas by Danielle Krasner (Laracroft) Not only is there a killer pattern here with color chart, she also has TWO photo tutorials on this phenominal technique!!

Yin Yan Ball Keychain by Mimi Alelis (mimicat)

There are 36 fabulous patterns, 13 articles all by crocheters FOR crocheters!

That's right folks, we are crochet lovers and we show it!

Everything from Purple People Eaters to beautiful fingerless gloves, smart sweaters and funky doodle socks!

We rock...and this book shows just how hard!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Getting Ready For Portland...

My little printer is working over time...

Window Clings and Bumper Stickers getting made for the table in Portland...Yes, there will be more available for sale on the website, AFTER I'm back from Portland...Remember sales of these items helps me make up the cost of being there...so it's all for a good cause!

I will also have the Crochet Friendly Criteria available for intersted parties, which I will try to have up and running on the website before I go to Portland as a PDF download (if I can figure out how to do it, still learning my way around that side of coding.)

I've created several buttons including one that is rather cheesy which I can't wait to unveil...

Plus I will be hosting a friend's product debut...a hand tool for any needle worker made from stainless steel that you can put a double ended ball of yarn on, and work with hooks (or other needle work impliments) and not have to worry about the ball running away from you! I'll have photos of this nifty creation based off a traditional Scandinavian tool, soon!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

International Crochet Day: September 12


Beloved master hook enabler and hooksmith Jimbo (of jimbosfrontporch.blogspot.com fame) decreed Sept. 12th of each year to be International Crochet Day!

How are you going to honor this illustrious day of crocheting goodness?

Here are some ideas Jimbo has offered on the CLF Message Board:
  • Crochet in public
  • Teach someone to crochet
  • promote Internatinal Crochet day in your blog

Other members have said they shall parade the streets of where they live festooned in crocheted lovliness!

What is Fearless Leader doing for International Crochet Day?

HAH! I am in Portland from the Knit and Crochet Show (I know it should be Crochet and Knit show but you know....one day we shall over come such sad titles of events)...

Come by booth 514 at the Oregon Convention Center to liberate your hooks!! We'll crochet loud and proud (or quietly with elegant ease...either way works)...

Thank you to our dearest Jimbo, hook maker extraordinare!! In fact he is one Hookalicious Dude...and I now honor him with the Hookalicious Award for outstanding, bodacious, awesome hook enabling!! Congrats Jimbo!!

NEW! Blog Contributors!

My life has become a little hectic as of late, you know with the CLF First Ever Book, getting ready for Portland, raising my family, and remembering to eat and sleep...I know, I know...

Due to the pressure of the Minions of the CLF I've decided to actually take care of myself, and have asked minions to step up and contribute to the blog.

Now, it doesn't mean I won't be spouting off and causing trouble in these parts...How could I abandon one of the core activities that enlivens my weeks and month? Besides, I love a good rant...but I just don't have time to keep up on the awards...so Violinknitter (that's her user name on Ravelry, but forgive her the transgressions of her user name, she's a fine hooker)...

We have two other minions who will be writing for the blog, and when they take up their invitations I'll mention them too :)

Everyone be nice to my minions, or I'll be crabby!

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