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I started the CLF as a joke on Ravelry, back in July of 2007. The joke was on me, we're a real group, that seeks to liberate ourselves from stereo types about our craft and ourselves. Other than being called "Fearless Leader", I'm a designer, mother, editor, wife, hand spinner, yarn addict, incessant reader, and over all geek in the coolest of geeky ways.

Beware Defamers of the Hook!

Beware Defamers of the Hook!
Like Joan of Arc, and the Scarlet Pimpernel we are here to seek Justice!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Holidays CLF

This is the week of turkey eating in the US of A. And I for one am looking forward to making all of the holiday fare...mostly for the left overs, because I love nothing more than an open face turkey/stuffing and gravy sammich....OOOOOOOOh lalala....

Anyway...For the holidays I have a gift for the Crochet Lovers of the WORLD....our book is now only $24.50 at the Crochet Liberation Front Website!. This includes shipping.

I've fixed the paypal button to exclude shipping charges (we had a little glitch, it's all better now :) )

Happy Holidays from me to you!

I'm also gonna be at Pinch Knitter's Yarn Store in Stanwood Wa this Friday from 12-4 signing CLF books for interested parties....and if no one is there, I'm gonna show them stick users what cables really can be :) WHOOT.

See ya there!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dorky Leader

You know some days I wonder at my level of sanity and then I remember that I never have claimed to be a sane leader, just fearless...

I have been beating my head against a table to try to figure out how we can make the CLF First Ever Book more affordable for members.

DUH... I can do it the same way I am for wholesaling :) LOL.... I know, some days I am a little slow...some weeks I'm down right like molasses... so here's how you can get your copy for LESS than on Amazon! I can only take US orders though...so if you are wanting it and are not in the USA Please PLEASE use our International Distributor !!! (Thanks so much Gail)

So happy HOLIDAYS! The book is a total of $24.50 and that includes the price of shipping (US ORDERS ONLY!) Follow this link!

Book News...CLF Talkin

Well, we're doing well with the book, getting copies out as fast as I can, I'm waiting on the other royalties to hit my account so I can send books overseas....

The book remains in steady sales which is great...especially since we're independant, and don't have an agent, or PR person, or anything but our own little selves...As I work on these things I just remember how much I love the "Little Engine that Could" story, and mutter, "I think I can, I think I can..."

I would love us to hit 10,000 copies...Being that the ultimate goal is to pay for patterns...and pay well...That would be so cool....

I could also use some good equipment etc :) LOL...Some day...Some way we'll make it happen.

With the holidays approaching and the economic circumstances being tight, I want to remind you that you are doing the world a favor by making gifts. If you are having a hard time thinking up ideas that are pretty, and not expensive...

here are some small projects.

1) Neck Warmers/Pillows...Crochet a tube of about a yard long, (I felted mine) but you can use acrlic yarn too...make it so it has a DC edging on each end so you can run ribbon through it to tie off the ends...Using nylons or stockings, fill with dried beans/lentils and herbs if you have em...or essential oils if you have em (no harm if not) and then stuff nylon with fill into the tube, use a ribbon or cord to tie the ends...and voila...

I used two skeins of Cascade 220 to make mine and used less than a full skein each for a two color, so I would say it's a one skein of that yarn project ;)

2) IPod holders, or cell phone covers

3) Hotpads, Washcloths, dish clothes in cotton done in pretty colors and different stitch patterns, what a great way to learn how to do cables!

4) Little cotton soap bags...I just crochet a rectangle and crochet it together into a bag, put in some handmade soap (made by a friend) and make it a draw string, great for the shower :)

5) Christmas Ornaments. If you go to my Secrets of Yarn Blog I have a pattern for flannel ornaments with crocheted edging, and you can always use the Irish Crocheted Rose as an ornament...

6) Hair accessories or jewelry, earrings...that crocheted rose again works in that capacity depending on what kind of yarn/thread is used.

Don't let the economy get you down...The more we focus on the negative the more we feed it...let's be crafty and cunning and beat that market at it's own stupid game...I believe in postive thought breeding positive outcomes...some day when I write the story of my life you'll understand...(Really, no reason on earth for me to be on the planet personally...but Positive thought has made all kinds of cool things!)

Hooks raised and oooh are you so ready for Turkey? I am...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Billie Setting Our Picot Free!

Originally uploaded by toddapaschall

Can I say how much I love this? Can I tell you how much I love Billie H for all those deep blues that make our hearts cry and our ears want to sing....Can I say how much I love this?

CLF Member Toddapaschall used a crochet by numbers' pattern to make this stunning piece....

I am left with no words to describe the collective in take of awe struck air that both my daughter and I made in the library when we saw this...Wow is such a week explicative...This is stunning.

Toddapaschall you are duly awarded the Set My Picot Free award for crocheting this wonderful, phenomenal work of art....

Check out Crochet By Numbers on the web, it's a fantastic way to do tapestry crochet....

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Minions! A call to action!

Hello Minions...It's time we did a little bit to motivate those from whom we purchase our fuzzy goodness!

The yarn company Bernat is hosting a Survey, please take it, make your voice known...

Also, if you are a CGOA member, you have probably received your copy of Crochet! which also has our membership newsletter, I encourage all of you to vote on this years board members, and the proposed by laws change. I don't care how you vote, who you vote for, just use your membership ability to vote! Make your voice known!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Interviews, Book Events, and a little walk through on local marketing

Wow...When it rains it pours!

First of all I have to say a big thank you to Leslie who wrote a brilliant article for the YMN (Yarn Market News) and really show cased the CLF. I was really honored to have been quoted and accurately so as much as I was, and it was too cool to see the CLF mentioned! I was interviewed like back in August or so, and at the time we only had 2172 members, today we have 2586! It's so awesome to watch us grow!

On top of that really cool article, the yarn store I plugged Knot Just Yarn in Burlington, WA is now carrying our book, so if you are a local to that area head on down and grab a copy! I signed em!
My local yarn store in Stanwood, WA, Pinch Knitter, has placed an order for 10 books, and we'll be doing a book signing event at her store on Nov. 28, 2008 from 12-4.

This Sunday, at the Camano Lutheran Church I am participating in a Fair Trade Fair, and though I will not be selling the book there (because Sirkku is going to sell it in her shop) I will be taking orders and promoting her store. I will be handing out information about how shopping in the local economy actually does increase local financial maintenance. A dollar spent in your local economy circulates at least five times before it leaves your local economy! WHOOT! That's how we save our skins in this world of interesting times!

This leads me to working in a micro economy such as ours. If we work together, refer each other and help support local designers, authors, yarn manufacturers and stores, we call all stay afloat!

In light of that I am mulling over an idea to make a list of Indie Designers for Yarn stores to access. Once again today I got asked for good patterns by both yarn stores, and I started rattling off names. Of course these are all crochet names I know, when they rattle off knit names I'm clueless...Well, if you aren't big into crochet yourself, how the heck are you going to begin to know where to look!

So in the spirit of crochet solidarity, let's put our brains together to support those indie designers, because they are just that talented!

Homespun Granny Shawl totally Picot Freeing!

Homespun Granny Shawl
Originally uploaded by ladylinoleum

Kudos go out to CLF Member Lady Linoleum for this brilliant use of her first handspun yarn! (Which looks pretty darn good for a first shot at spinning I may add...being a hand spinner myself).

Lady Linoleum made this great shawl just using a simple half granny square motif and allowing it to grow!

Most of the best designs are simple designs, and I just love this! Totally cozy, and yet fun and funky!

Congratulations Lady Linoleum you are awarded the Set My Picot Free Award!

Leif's Retro Blankie

Leif's Retro Blankie
Originally uploaded by cerdeb0317

CLF Member Cerdeb made this beautiful afghan using the Granny Square Sampler Afghan by Jackie H. Curry found in the
Better Homes and Gardens Treasury of Needlecrafts.

It may have some retro aspects but I love the use of natural colors and the shapes in the squares are just wonderful.

Well done Cerdeb you have been awarded the Hookalcious Award for an afghan I would contemplate making (and if you folks don't already know, I really don't do afghans!)....Gorgeous work, and looks perfectly cozy and comfy!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fearless Leader Speaks

Hey gang! Fearless Leader here...

Well, I've not posted as much as I'd like mostly because off line the CLF has been a movin' and a shakin' :)

I actually met with an accountant about making some business changes that very much affect the CLF...and I found out I'm no slouch at plotting and scheming :) GRIN...It's all to do with compensation of those who submit to the book, and making sure I do it correctly for all of us :)

Starting in January I'll have more news....but boy I can tell you I feel so much better after the meeting. I mean it's not like the CLF is rolling in dough at the moment, but someday maybe we will and then I can actually hire people, and we can move even more mountains, and take real advertising space, and host parties and all of that fun stuff, and pay living wages...a girl has to dream right? That's right! My accountant listened and nodded, and finally understood the business model I planned and was like, "Wow, that's a very out of the box idea and I love it!"
In fact I even made the dude chuckle a few times, I must have talent!

I've been busy working on updating the look of the website, and I'll be putting up downloads of our files on Yahoo tonight...for now you can join the Crochet Liberation Front Yahoo Group, this won't be a discussion board, just informative and a place to get downloads etc :)

The good news is we have now made enough on the book to cover the cost of producing it, and it looks like I'll be able to pay a small fee for contributions to the next book! WHOOT... As I grow others will grow, that's a promise I'm more than willing to keep...

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Very Versatile Striped Beanie...

Originally uploaded by karlaamm

This very Hookalicious Hat has been getting some attention on the group on Ravelry.com!

Featured in the CLF First Ever Book, and designed by Karla McCalmont it's a quick, and fabulous pattern! One of our members made four of these last week!!

So to our dear member Karlaamm who designed the hat, You get the Hookalicious award for truly awesome design work, and a funky doodle cap that is quick, easy and very attractive!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Crochet Liberation Front...what's on our hooks lately...

First of all I want to remind you all that we have a Website for the CLF where you can find our Crochet Friendly Local Yarn Store List, it covers the globe folks, so please check it out if you are not on Ravelry and don't have access to our Group Page that has the most current list. I will be updating that list on the website soon. Feel free to contact me with your favorite LYS so I can put it up on the website. No one pays to get on the list, it's member driven.

I encourage you to let yarn store owners know you are a member of the CLF and that you are coming to them based off the recommendation. Why? So we get even more support out in the world! Besides, compliments and thank yous go so much further than anything else!

Remember we're working off the theory of abundance here...when you spend local dollars that money goes so much further than when you let it slip away out of your community.

I love my local yarn store in Stanwood, WA...Pinch Knitters, that's right, it has the K word in it, but that's cause the owner has spent years doing commissioned knitting :) She crochets too, and is so wonderful to all of we who love fiber...in fact she's going to carry the CLF First Ever Book...

I encourage you to purchase the book, because that helps our cause...If you are on Ravelry, or enjoy Getting Loopy please use their links because it gives them a few pennies too...

In these trying financial times (which contrary to what the news says, I've seen coming for a long time they are more than a month old) it is important to look at where you spend your dollars. Spending money on items that help you make things for yourself, or support local businesses (your local yarn store) can help the economy...self sufficiency, being able to produce things really does help. Remember our book is printed and bound in the USA, which helps keep a few people in jobs....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fun News!

On the CLF Front we have some fun news! Over the weekend Fearless Leader had a "blog interview" over at Creative Construction...Of course I've toot toot tooted the CLF Horn! Go check it out if you have any deep dark desire to know what Fearless Leader thinks about mothering and creativity :) LOL

And our very own Fignations (rav user name) has officially launched CROCHET UN-CUT! WHOOOOOOOOT! The Unofficial Offical Magazine of the CLF! Yay!!! This is one more manifestation of the CLF that is just totally awesome....One more way we join together and support each other's taking risks!! WHOOT! Way to go!!

Check it out here!!

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